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I work for a video game development agency Live Ops Team. Between testing games and panning new ones, I find less time than I like for relaxing projects.

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crazyguylink's News

Posted by crazyguylink - August 26th, 2019

What did I get for my Birthday you ask? Older XD

Posted by crazyguylink - May 21st, 2019

Wish me luck. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed since it's been so long since my last job. Here's hoping I don't mess this up XD

Posted by crazyguylink - November 21st, 2018

It's official. As of today I am now a registered college student XD


Posted by crazyguylink - August 11th, 2018

Hey everyone. Sorry it's been so long since anything has been posted. Just letting you know I'm still here and having a battle of wits against my music software preventing me from making any music. Hopefully I'll have something for you all soon.


Posted by crazyguylink - December 24th, 2016

Whatever holiday you celebrate, let it be one filled with happiness, joy andlove XD


Posted by crazyguylink - August 9th, 2016

Holy CRAP! The stanley cup was brought here to where I live yesterday and I got to see it up closeand in person! They had it on display int he ball park next to where I live. There was no drinking from it, but it was still awesome! I know Ottawa didn't win the cup, but I believe it was the coach who was here and this area was where he grew up, so he brought it here for everyone to enjoy. I'm still buzzing about it!


Posted by crazyguylink - April 5th, 2016

Sooooo... the Visual novel I was working on was a bust. The artist quit for personal reasons and we couldn't get much to work with... therefore it's back to square one fr the entire project. Trying to branch out to make something new. well see what happens.


Posted by crazyguylink - October 19th, 2015

Hey all. sorry I've been inactive. Been working my butt off since I resumed my old Game Dev job. Testing can really suck the fun out of gaming, but as a gamer, I know how much the work is appreciated. As well, i'm working on 2 Visual Novel Projects. One is with a team called Resonant Blade as the lead music designer for their title game. the other is a post apocalyptic survival VN where every choice is life or death. I'm the project lead and kind of having a snag in that I have no one to do artwork. might be asking people here to help with that in the near future, so keep an eye out. And, since I like the feel of the dormant creative juices stirring up again, I might even take on some ideas people have for other VN projects, so again, keep an eye out, ok?


Posted by crazyguylink - March 25th, 2015

Well, never expected this to happen... but, here it is. I have been asked to make the audio tracks for an upcomming game called ADF! The game is based on a VN/RPG game named Sunrider on Steam as well as made by some of the same Dev team and my understanding is that it will be along the same lines in gameplay. The game is scheduled for launch around the end of April and I'm really excited about this. I mean, I test a lot of unlaunched games in my line of work for Alpha stages and such, but this is the first time I've been an actual part of the development and I can't stop smiling about this. Most of the music for the game is ready, and I need to prepare just a few more tracks, but with luck, the game will launch on time. I'll post an update about this closer to the launch date.


Posted by crazyguylink - May 10th, 2014

Hey ho and howdy everyone. Been offline for a bit due to internet being disconnected, as well my father having a heart attack before that. He's fine btw. Causing trouble like nothing ever happened. Definitely a good sign. Anywho, here's the deal. My music projects are a great way for me to relax and forget that bad things are happening around me (recession, financial crap.... living in the middle of nowhere with out so much as a power wheels for transportation, crap like that.) I have recieved several requests for use of my projects for other projects. Well, for the records, the music is  also intended for another reason. To be used at liesure, by whoever, whenever and for whatever. That was the goal for the CGL team when it was formed (Ranter makes webcomics, I make music and deal with any tech stuff, since ranter is, like, 400 or something lol. Just kidding, bu he really is hopeless with computers and no word of a lie can't figure out which jack is for the mic and which for his headphones.

So, to clear the air, here are the rules for the music.

Rule one (basic): Find it, Grab it. Use it.

Rule two (Mandatory): Add either Crazyguylink or CGL Team to the credits. Just the usual creative commons crap. needs to be done whethr I want it to or not.

Rule three (Optional): Send a link. You can send it to either my newgrounds inbox or directly at katar9star@gmail.com. Not necessary, but I like seeing new stuff. So it would kick ass if you did.


Well, that's it for now. Oh, and why is y email different from my ID? when you have 2 people using the same name for different emails, messages go to the wrong inbox after 3 years, I decided to change my email and online alias to KatarZero. So, yeah. that said, Have fun everyone XD.